Unique Natural Butterfly Wing Sample Glass Test Tube Locket Pedant

62.90 USD

Unique Real Natural Colorful Butterfly Wing Glass Test Tube Locket Sample Pedant Fantasy Design White Black Blue Piebald Long Chain Necklace

Somebody may fear living insects, but this pendant of real butterfly wing is fantastic! Don't you think it is amazing that you can collect the beauty of nature into a little tube and bring it with you? Every butterfly has its unique pattern and texture. You will never worry about wearing the same necklace as someone else. It just belongs to you.

It can also be a perfect little gift for the fairy or butterfly lover in your life. Just decorate it on a shelf, desk or hang it onto a doorknob for luck, inspiration and beauty.

We used specimens which came from butterfly farms as materials. All of them were raised for conservation and collected at the end of life, complying with the environmental regulations of CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and being harmless in any way.

glass tube: 1.8x5cm 
chain: 85cm

There are three choices at present: blue, black fringe and piebald. Custom orders are also welcome. Contact us if you have special requirement.