Unique Customized Gradient Enamel Leaf Engagement Ring

Unique Customized Gradient Enamel Leaf Engagement Ring

This gorgeous ring is strongly recommended for engagement! In this design, we make a combination of frozen leaf and holy pearl, choosing two materials: silver which means elegance and brightness and enamel which means fortune and honor in China. Enamel is painted manually on the surface of the silver to create gradient color and smooth glossy finish with romantic effect. You will find the ring amazing especially when light reflects the dazzling rich color ranging from mysterious gem blue to transparent ice blue.

Two colors are available: blue and green. Please note that what you get is not the one shown in the reference pictures. Since the color is burned randomly to some extent, each piece may look different from one to another. But we guarantee that what you receive is a dedicated unique work through complex composing, sculpturing, grinding and refining. Your ring will absolutely be one of a kind!

the widest part of the leaf: 12mm
diameter of pearl: 6mm
thickness of band: 2.5mm
for custom order please tell us your size information
(fine adjustment but please be gentle to avoid breaking the band)

The "holy pearl" is not made of a real pearl. It is a raised part of the silver band which is covered by enamel. Sorry that we are unable to meet the requirement of putting a stone in this design due to material and craft. The only thing we could change about this ring is its size and color.

Purchase of handmade item is kind of risky, because each piece is different without line production. This is particularly the case for this ring. The craft of enamel is very complex requiring dozens of firing processes. We are unable to know the situation inside the furnace after closing its door. Due to temperature, melting point and gradient ramp, the color of enamel products are highly uncontrollable and every detail has uncertainty. It seems that every enamel ring has its own destiny and we hope you could appreciate its uniqueness.

This ring is so popular that it is out of stock now. Custom order is available but it does take a bit longer because the process is time consuming and enamel is hard to paint and burn especially in winter. Remember to order in advance if you want to send it as a gift. It's better to set aside 1.5 months ahead of schedule. For this gorgeous ring, we have upgraded to DHL express service (usually 3-5 working days to deliver) so that you could receive it faster and safer. Please contact us for more details.
268.90 USD