The Little Prince and Rose Unique Engagement Gift Hand Lettering Marry Me Proposal Mini Flower

159.90 USD

Handmade Velvet Rose Unique Proposal Engagement Gift Hand Lettering Marry Me Mini Flower Knicker Knack Vintage Rose in Glass Felt Miniature

This fantastic mini velvet rose with perfect details is elaborately made by hand. It is not a real flower, but it looks remarkably lifelike. It has rich layered petals in vintage red, tenderly growing leaves and even several delicate thorns.

I believe there grows a proud rose in the heart of everyone. If you have met this unique rose, send her this gift as a love token that you would do everything for her just because she is your precious flower. Who can resist such a romantic temptation?

size: 26*38mm

=== IMPORTANT === 
The price is for ONE ROSE ONLY.

Lettering on the bronze base (less than 8 characters) is free. Just tell us what words you want to leave. If you want to letter more, please contact us and we will adjust the price accordingly.

Please be cautious when taking it out. The glass globe is not glued on the bronze base. Although we use thick glass in this design, please take good care of it since it is still glass.

Each piece is handmade without line production and might be slightly different from that in the pictures. We hope you could understand and appreciate its uniqueness.

This miniature costs a lot of time to finish. Remember to order in advance if you want to send it as a gift. It's better to set aside 1.5 months ahead of schedule if you choose ordinary shipping. DHL express service (usually 3-5 working days to deliver) is strongly recommended.