Daughter of Sea Gem Blue Little Mermaid Ariel's Pendant

Daughter of Sea Gem Blue Little Mermaid Ariel's Pendant

I'm sure everyone knows the moving story of the little mermaid. The inspiration of “Mermaid's tear” series comes from this famous fair tale. Shimmer of glaze and texture of ice subtly reconcile elegance with fashion elements, reminding us of the treasures deep under the sea. Gem blue, princess pink, sunshine lemon, lavender purple...we try to create a dreamlike garden for you. You will never know what is coming next unless you keep pace with our amazing exploration~

Original thermosol inlaying technique is adopted in this “Mermaid’s tear” series. The mosaic vermeil/ sterling silver part is pure handmade and is perfectly fused with colored glaze by heat melting method. It is the unique design and the sophisticated process that make this craftwork exclusively precious.

There may be some handwork trace and each piece may slightly differ from one another. But it won't affect the beauty of your jewelry.

You can also choose 23K vermeil over sterling silver depending on your favour.

[silver] chain: 18K platinum plating sterling silver
pendant holder: 925 sterling silver
[gold] chain: 14K gold
pendant holder: 23K gold plating sterling silver
112.90 USD